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Coding Qualitative Data

A friend of mine recently pointed me towards MAXQDA for coding and parsing qualitative research. Too bad I just wrote a post on how garden-variety relational databases could be hornswoggled for the task. I was so proud of my handwritten beta, too…. A couple of quick web searches turned up NVivo and XSight, by QSR, … Continue reading

Tracking research interactions

How much information should the researcher keep about each site? Each interview? The answer, of course, is “all of it.” This can be an enormously time-consuming task, depending on the richness of the information the interviewer needs to collect about the site, the subject, and the interview instrument to be used. Relational databases are purpose … Continue reading

Hardly anybody [I know] reads…

Bill Easterly, one of the most accomplished and iconoclastic development economists and commentators, may have overreached a bit. He has picked a bone with the Global Forum for Health over their failure to win publications and citations in journals worthy of consideration at tenure review. Isn’t that a strange criterion for judging the success of … Continue reading

IRB is incompatible with open access to data

Mathematician Arvind Narayanan at his blog 33 Bits writes a compelling post on the failure of efforts to protect the identities of individuals in public domain, scientific data sets. De-anonymization of data is not new in the field of electronic data privacy. This is the first discussion that I have read of the specific conflict … Continue reading

What makes a science wiki tick?

Nature has a great article discussing various business strategies for making a collaborative scientific resource work. What makes some grow and others wither? What returns does a scientific organization get on its investment in public, collaborative technologies? Is there a way to see that contributors and the host organization all reap the rewards of their … Continue reading


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