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R starter resources

I’m hardly the first person you would want to talk to about learning statistics in R. But if you’re bent on teaching yourself R, and you’ve ended up at my blog, here are some resources I found useful. (No opinions here about whether R is good/bad better/worse than Excel, Minitab, Matlab, Octave, SPSS, Stata, SAS, … Continue reading

Demonstration of {estout}

I wrote a short talk demonstrating the use the R package {estout} for tonight’s New England R Users Group meeting.  NB this is not a discussion of the econometric model, but rather a demonstration of how to get publication-quality results out of R efficiently. The basic functions of {estout} are modeled on the Stata package estout. … Continue reading

R goes to StackExchange

“What’s the big deal? We already have the r-help mailing list.” No, it’s a big deal. Really. Have you forgotten the joys of being a first-year R user, either begging advice off of friends or using Google to search archives of the R-help list? (Firefox has a dedicated search add-on for the R-help archives.) Yes, … Continue reading

Export Trade Clusters

This post, as with the prior ones on trade clusters, aims to help visualize patterns of trade in the OECD from 50 years of partner trade statistics. The data is rich, meaning we should be able to develop rich intuition by exploring it visually. These slides follow the method laid out in Jong-Eun Lee, “Two … Continue reading

Network Analysis Software: focus on F/OSS

What do you use for network analysis? I found the Wikipedia list of network software entirely overwhelming. I wanted to test out some of the introductory tools, but avoid the trap of sinking my time into a dead-end software project. (Remember learning Minitab in freshman statistics? How often do you use Minitab today for anything … Continue reading

Resources for Learning R in Iraq?

Please comment on this if you know of Arabic and Kurdish language resources for learning R. I have been encouraging the economics faculty here to learn R for econometrics, both on grounds of quality and cost. Here is a short list of resources that can help new users make the transition from SPSS if they … Continue reading


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