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Full hearing: US Senate on Cyber War Readiness

Highlights from the US Senate panel on cybersecurity 23 February 2010. Mary Ann Davidson, CSO (Oracle). Required reading! Ms. Davidson masters the subject in bright prose. This is an excellent indictment of the rush deploy smart grid technologies before we’ve had time to harden them from the types of attacks that routinely take computers off … Continue reading

Thank you Brian Hasbrouck

You should go check out Brian’s blog, Political Risk Explored. He is currently reading some great books! Bremmer and Keat The Fat Tail Bremmer The J Curve Kindleberger and Aliber Manias, Panics and Crashes Bernstein Against the Gods Bouchet, Clarke and Groslambert Country Risk Assessment Nobody else says things this nice about me except on … Continue reading

Political risk advising: core business

More from Fletcher / CEME / Exxon Mobil conference Managing Political Risk 2009. Question from the audience: what ultimately separates political risk advising firms from general management consulting firms with global reach? Six replies, paraphrased here. Clients ask for cogent, insightful analysis of context for global context. Key regulatory and due diligence requirements. Firms provide … Continue reading

Big think: political risk

Manging Political Risk 2009 Like any good academic conference the first order of business is to see if we can improve on Wikipedia or Merriam Webster and define terms. Political Risk Political risk is a type of risk faced by investors, corporations, and governments. It is a risk that can be understood and managed with … Continue reading

Numbers and Units in Political Risk Analysis

A major global vendor of political risk analytics gave a talk at the Fletcher School today. They rate political risks according to a 5-point scale, with copious documentation of how countries’ political life is compressed down into this one metric. As a colleague noted, nobody uses the political risk metric for anything, because it’s such … Continue reading


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