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IVSL registration arrived

My username and password arrived for the Iraq Virtual Science Library! I can now take the system for a test drive and figure out how to design a seminar on the IVSL for the graduate students at the University of Duhok. Date I applied: 6 May 2009 Date I received my login: 13 October 2009 … Continue reading

Corruption featured in BBC Mosul story

Mosul is burning again; but the BBC has chosen to focus on corruption in its summary of the events of the week. While the prime minister blames the Sunni insurgency for the attacks, opponents of his predominantly Shia government say it is time to focus on the enemy within. They accuse Mr Maliki of alienating … Continue reading

Manual now available at Scribd

This morning I read a story about Scribd’s effort to publish textbooks online, and it started me thinking. Why not use Scribd to publish my Iraq academic Internet resource manual? Uploading was a snap. They provided a handy embed code fragment for WordPress.com blogs, so I gave it a shot (below). Snazzy! I hope you … Continue reading

Kurdish Region oil exports resume

Resumed oil exports are a major milestone in the reconstruction of the Kurdish Region’s economy. The story was widely covered in the Economist and elsewhere. ON JUNE 1st a man in a hard hat in the blazing sun will ritually turn a switch to let oil flow through a pipeline. In oil-rich Iraq that should … Continue reading

Stiff Differential Equations for Mr. Faraj

Unfortunately I don’t have Mr. Faraj’s email, so I am going to send these links to him here instead. These are just the results of  Google search on stiff ODE solvers variously in Matlab, Octave, and Sage. I hope that some of these links will provide you with the information you need to evaluate the … Continue reading

Kurdish language Wikihow

Here’s a resource for the University of Duhok. Wikihow is a website where people can post how-to manuals. It has a Kurdish language page. Rather than have my manual translated into Kurdish, I hope that some people at University of Duhok will be able to post short articles describing individual resources on Wikihow. For example, … Continue reading

Free Academic Resources for the University of Duhok

This is a draft manual that I wrote for the University of Duhok. My main fear with this document is that it won’t translate into any changes to the workflow for faculty and students here. The document contains information about free Internet resources for the students and faculty here, specifically: Full text journals, Search engines, … Continue reading

Resources for Learning R in Iraq?

Please comment on this if you know of Arabic and Kurdish language resources for learning R. I have been encouraging the economics faculty here to learn R for econometrics, both on grounds of quality and cost. Here is a short list of resources that can help new users make the transition from SPSS if they … Continue reading

Iraqi Virtual Science Library needs a marketing director

The Iraqi Virtual Science Library boasts an impressive list of partners and resources. American universities created IVSL in response to Iraq’s forcible isolation from the world of research and scholarship under Saddam. Scholars here are thirsty for new knowledge. They know they need access to journals and current datasets to practice modern science. The trouble … Continue reading

Iraq Annual Statistical Abstract

For my new friends on the faculty of the University of Duhok: this website has comprehensive data on the Annual Statistical Abstract 2005-06. I hope they will post XLS or raw data file format files soon; I could not find them. Both HTML and PDF files are available for most tables.


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