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World Bank opens access to WDI

The World Bank has opened access to a flagship dataset that was mostly closed. Until recently, only a fraction of the thousand-plus data series that comprise the World Development Indicators (WDI) were available to non-paying customers in advanced economies. As of April 10, 2010, the World Bank has opened access to the complete dataset.

Coding Qualitative Data

A friend of mine recently pointed me towards MAXQDA for coding and parsing qualitative research. Too bad I just wrote a post on how garden-variety relational databases could be hornswoggled for the task. I was so proud of my handwritten beta, too…. A couple of quick web searches turned up NVivo and XSight, by QSR, … Continue reading

Tracking research interactions

How much information should the researcher keep about each site? Each interview? The answer, of course, is “all of it.” This can be an enormously time-consuming task, depending on the richness of the information the interviewer needs to collect about the site, the subject, and the interview instrument to be used. Relational databases are purpose … Continue reading

Where to Share Your Data?

There are many competing standards out there for how to publish datasets with due credit to the author and publisher. Rich, structured metadata and interoperable standards for data identification are rapidly developing, but it’s not clear which standard is going to win the day or which search engines will successfully organize all that data. Here … Continue reading

Iraqi Virtual Science Library needs a marketing director

The Iraqi Virtual Science Library boasts an impressive list of partners and resources. American universities created IVSL in response to Iraq’s forcible isolation from the world of research and scholarship under Saddam. Scholars here are thirsty for new knowledge. They know they need access to journals and current datasets to practice modern science. The trouble … Continue reading


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