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Full hearing: US Senate on Cyber War Readiness

Highlights from the US Senate panel on cybersecurity 23 February 2010. Mary Ann Davidson, CSO (Oracle). Required reading! Ms. Davidson masters the subject in bright prose. This is an excellent indictment of the rush deploy smart grid technologies before we’ve had time to harden them from the types of attacks that routinely take computers off … Continue reading

Does anyone remember opting into Google Web History?

Turns out you can delete it, though. Google caught my attention earlier this year when they cluttered up the web interface with extra buttons to promote/demote search hits. Now Google tracks your web history by default when you sign in. Remember when we thought it was a big deal that the servers might surrepetitously install … Continue reading

IRB is incompatible with open access to data

Mathematician Arvind Narayanan at his blog 33 Bits writes a compelling post on the failure of efforts to protect the identities of individuals in public domain, scientific data sets. De-anonymization of data is not new in the field of electronic data privacy. This is the first discussion that I have read of the specific conflict … Continue reading


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