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Tufts Democrats: What did you think?

The Tufts Democrats got an earful from me about how US foreign policy on cyberspace hasn’t advanced significantly in fifteen years. I complained that a whole lot of basic questions haven’t been settled, and drew on some key national documents to verify that is the case. They were more impressed with my rapid-fire interactive summaries … Continue reading

Current events for Beth’s class

Beth Chalecki asked me to give a talk on cyber security for her course at Boston College. While I won’t post the slide deck here, I will compile a reading list on the blog. I’d like to note that the blogroll at right includes several of the big names in the field: Bruce Schneier, C. … Continue reading

Cyber Shield newest mixed metaphor

This is the latest example of what’s wrong the metaphor of cyberspace for information security. Cyberspace isn’t a space. Cyber attacks don’t involve thrown projectiles or spears. A shield won’t bat them down. The meat of the policy is buried: look how little attention is devoted to the five points in the last paragraph quoted … Continue reading

Fuzzy Thinking on African Botnets

I call “bull.” African botnets are not WMD, and the solution to African botnets is not to prosecute the lucky few who have computers there. Franz-Stefan Gady is completely out of touch with the realities of IT in Africa. The last thing African governments need is shunt scarce resources into prosecuting cyber criminals, particularly within … Continue reading

Full hearing: US Senate on Cyber War Readiness

Highlights from the US Senate panel on cybersecurity 23 February 2010. Mary Ann Davidson, CSO (Oracle). Required reading! Ms. Davidson masters the subject in bright prose. This is an excellent indictment of the rush deploy smart grid technologies before we’ve had time to harden them from the types of attacks that routinely take computers off … Continue reading

BBC: Obama begins cyber security review

Full story here. A review of how well the US thwarts spies and malicious hackers has been started by President Barack Obama. The wide-ranging review is set to last 60 days and takes in all the “plans, programs and activities” of official US cyber security efforts. The end result will be a strategy to improve … Continue reading


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