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Trade Cartograms at UseR! 2010

A bit of shameless self-promotion! I will be presenting my work on trade cartograms at UseR! 2010. I’ll update this with a link to the abstract when it is listed there. Earlier this year I posted on the use of cartograms to visualize dyadic trade flows. About UseR! useR! 2010, the R user conference, will … Continue reading

Visualizing Dyadic Trade Flows

I gave a talk at the Fletcher School today on my work on dyadic trade flows (slides). In a nutshell, the talk argues that cartograms and dendrograms can give students and practitioners a better understanding of the patterns of trade among partner contries, both for teaching and for research. We have thousands of observations of … Continue reading

Baseline map for international comparisons

The next time you see a nice color-coded GIS map of a statistic, you should think twice about the way the data are being presented. Countries’ size on the map is determined by their land mass, not their population. Though the shapes are familiar, any geographic projection subtly adds influence to some countries and steals … Continue reading


This is another great site for cartograms. The Worldmapper site has a wealth of world cartograms based on country statistics. For those of you that don’t remember, a cartogram begins with a base map, e.g., the Mercator projection of the earth. The cartogram distorts the map such that country boundaries remain contiguous, but the area … Continue reading

Best political map of the election

Mark Newman’s election maps reinforce just how hard it is to come up with anything new. I was thinking to myself on election night that the maps we have are nearly useless for helping people understand how the election is going. Instead of geographic area, the sizes of the states ought to reflect their electoral … Continue reading


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