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R starter resources

I’m hardly the first person you would want to talk to about learning statistics in R. But if you’re bent on teaching yourself R, and you’ve ended up at my blog, here are some resources I found useful. (No opinions here about whether R is good/bad better/worse than Excel, Minitab, Matlab, Octave, SPSS, Stata, SAS, … Continue reading

Tufts Democrats: What did you think?

The Tufts Democrats got an earful from me about how US foreign policy on cyberspace hasn’t advanced significantly in fifteen years. I complained that a whole lot of basic questions haven’t been settled, and drew on some key national documents to verify that is the case. They were more impressed with my rapid-fire interactive summaries … Continue reading

Whither Cyberspace?

I gave a talk this morning about cyberspace at the Fletcher Doctoral Conference 2011. It was a panel with renowned expert Greg Rattray (FF’98), Professor William Martel, and Col. Tom McCarthy (FF’12+). On one level, the topic was whether cyberspace is a domain and why. In another sense, it was a talk about why we’re … Continue reading

Open Letter to Social Science Research Network

Dear SSRN: If any of my works exist on your server, and if you intend to exploit them commercially, I wish to negotiate for a share of the revenues. I hereby opt out of any commercial exploitation of my works, either for a fee or as a free addendum to another commercial service, subject to … Continue reading

Cyber Shield newest mixed metaphor

This is the latest example of what’s wrong the metaphor of cyberspace for information security. Cyberspace isn’t a space. Cyber attacks don’t involve thrown projectiles or spears. A shield won’t bat them down. The meat of the policy is buried: look how little attention is devoted to the five points in the last paragraph quoted … Continue reading

Demonstration of {estout}

I wrote a short talk demonstrating the use the R package {estout} for tonight’s New England R Users Group meeting.  NB this is not a discussion of the econometric model, but rather a demonstration of how to get publication-quality results out of R efficiently. The basic functions of {estout} are modeled on the Stata package estout. … Continue reading

Give new statecraft a chance

Mary Joyce, you lost me at hello. I can only hope you’re playing at fashion police, when you say “white guys in white shirts” are the status quo and therefore can’t represent change at the State Department. But we could try sending Ross and Cohen some hipster T-shirts to see if that helps. The beliefs … Continue reading

R goes to StackExchange

“What’s the big deal? We already have the r-help mailing list.” No, it’s a big deal. Really. Have you forgotten the joys of being a first-year R user, either begging advice off of friends or using Google to search archives of the R-help list? (Firefox has a dedicated search add-on for the R-help archives.) Yes, … Continue reading

Iraq Virtual Science Library looks great!

Congratulations to the web designer of the Iraq Virtual Science Library! IVSL looks great. I was astonished to find the site greatly improved since I last castigated them for bad marketing, registration, and web layout. The site is clean, intuitive, and responsive, at least from my desk in Boston. Imagine my surprise when I received … Continue reading

Fuzzy Thinking on African Botnets

I call “bull.” African botnets are not WMD, and the solution to African botnets is not to prosecute the lucky few who have computers there. Franz-Stefan Gady is completely out of touch with the realities of IT in Africa. The last thing African governments need is shunt scarce resources into prosecuting cyber criminals, particularly within … Continue reading


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