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Hello Markdown

published: draft title: “Hello Markdown” This Post Is Markdown You all love Markdown. So do I!!! IT ROCKS. It does many things well. Offline editing once required a standalone program in Windows. But now just use a text editor. Written with StackEdit. Upload There are some well known protocols for uploading Markdown to WordPress.

Tufts Democrats: What did you think?

The Tufts Democrats got an earful from me about how US foreign policy on cyberspace hasn’t advanced significantly in fifteen years. I complained that a whole lot of basic questions haven’t been settled, and drew on some key national documents to verify that is the case. They were more impressed with my rapid-fire interactive summaries … Continue reading

Whither Cyberspace?

I gave a talk this morning about cyberspace at the Fletcher Doctoral Conference 2011. It was a panel with renowned expert Greg Rattray (FF’98), Professor William Martel, and Col. Tom McCarthy (FF’12+). On one level, the topic was whether cyberspace is a domain and why. In another sense, it was a talk about why we’re … Continue reading

R resources for Tufts grad students

This is a quick post with links that I thought could be useful for a Tufts graduate student. What’s useful for one might be useful for others. Econometrics in R http://cran.r-project.org/web/views/Econometrics.html Graphical presentation of regression results http://tables2graphs.com/doku.php?id=04_regression_coefficients A good site for Stata users that want to learn R http://www.statmethods.net/ UCLA’s library for R beginners http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/r/Continue reading

One Question for Hank Greenberg

What would you ask Hank Greenberg if you were seated at his table at lunch? I’m attending a talk tomorrow at the Fletcher School. Please post questions for Greenberg in the comments.

Network mapping roundup

You’ve got a complex system that you would like to map. Where do you start? Of course the answer is, “Stop. Put down the pen. Ask yourself what the map must communicate.” But once you’ve got a clear idea about that, and therefore the data you need to gather, and the way you’d like to … Continue reading

Current events for Beth’s class

Beth Chalecki asked me to give a talk on cyber security for her course at Boston College. While I won’t post the slide deck here, I will compile a reading list on the blog. I’d like to note that the blogroll at right includes several of the big names in the field: Bruce Schneier, C. … Continue reading

Any way they wants to say it.

Thank you to John McWhorter for correcting my needlessly didactic campaign against the singular usage of the pronoun “they.” According to McWhorter: if a linguist ran an elementary school, they would chuck the principle that singular third person pronouns can only come in the varieties “he,” “she,” “he or she,” and such ugly postmodernisms as … Continue reading

Cyber Shield newest mixed metaphor

This is the latest example of what’s wrong the metaphor of cyberspace for information security. Cyberspace isn’t a space. Cyber attacks don’t involve thrown projectiles or spears. A shield won’t bat them down. The meat of the policy is buried: look how little attention is devoted to the five points in the last paragraph quoted … Continue reading

RESULTS gets the IMF wrong

RESULTS is promoting dangerous half-truths about the IMF, and diluting its core message in so doing. I continue to support the important work that RESULTS does to improve education, public health, and microfinance around the world. I continue to support its approach to advocacy, which uses outreach to journalists and constituent requests for specific legislative … Continue reading


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